Welcome to the Morikawa lab.

Welcome to the Morikawa Lab! We are seeking to understand excellent abilities of environmental microbes on the molecular levels. Specific research subjects are oil-field bacteria, marine bacteria, rhizobacteria, and extremophile bacteria and hyperthermophilic archaea. Our final goals are first “to understand the kernel of life and its limitation” and second “to develop biotechnology useful for restoring healthy environment.” Slogan of the laboratory is, “Microbes are really far superior to human!”

Established on 01/May/2004

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2023. 2. 2.
event 2022年度 理学部生物科学科卒業研究発表会 Research presentation of Department of Biological Science, Faculty of Science, FY2022
2022. 10. 26.
event カセサート大学から研究員と学生を短期研修(Be-HoBiD)歓迎会 Welcome party of Be-HoBiD short-term trainee Ms. Juthaporn (May-san) & Ms. Hathaipat (Pang-san)
2022. 10. 13.
event カセサート大学名誉博士号(生物科学)が森川教授に授与 Honorary doctorate degree (Bioscience) was awarded from Kasetsart University to Prof. Dr. Masaaki Morikawa.
2022. 9. 5.
event JST/JICA SATREPS事業「タイ国・生物循環グリーン経済実現に向けたウキクサホロビオント資源価値の包括的開拓」Be-HoBiD が始動 “The Project for Development of Duckweed Holobiont Resource Values towards Thailand BCG Economy” Be-HoBiD is started
2022. 3. 25.
event 2021年度 環境科学院卒業式(3月)Graduation ceremony FY2021 Mar 2021年度 環境科学院卒業式(3月)Day of Graduation FY2021 Mar