Welcome to the Morikawa lab.

Welcome to the Morikawa Lab! We are seeking to understand excellent abilities of environmental microbes on the molecular levels. Specific research subjects are oil-field bacteria, marine bacteria, rhizobacteria, and extremophile bacteria and hyperthermophilic archaea. Our final goals are first “to understand the kernel of life and its limitation” and second “to develop biotechnology useful for restoring healthy environment.” Slogan of the laboratory is, “Microbes are really far superior to human!”

Established on 01/May/2004

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2023. 12. 28.
event 忘年会2023 Year end party 2023
2023. 11. 6.
event コンケン大学教員の短期研修(Be-HoBiD)2023 Short term training of Be-HoBiD 2023
2023. 8. 22.
event 第3回 日ASEANイノベーションウィーク 3rd ASEAN-Japan Innovation Week
2023. 6. 8.
event 2023年度 環境バイオテクノロジー学会(岡山大会) Annual meeting of Japan Society for Environmental Biotechnology FY2023 at Okayama
2023. 6. 5.
event 2023年度 環境科学院施設公開 Day of open to public 2023