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Associate Professor


Plants designated as endangered species in one country are not all national endemics and distributed in neighboring countries. Nevertheless, traditional conservation programs are usually confined to national boundaries. To effectively conserve nationally endangered plants that have conspecific populations abroad, transnational conservation program through international collaboration is vitally needed. My lab aims to resolve phylogenetic relationships and taxonomic confusion of endangered plants in Hokkaido and vicinities across national borders, to develop logical plans for in-situ/ex-situ conservation based on genetic and ecological surveys, and to practice ex-situ conservation in botanic gardens and establish transnational conservation network among countries.


My lab is located within Hokkaido University Botanic Garden and equipped with nurseries, greenhouses, a herbarium, and a molecular lab, that students have access to for their studies. In addition to conservation research described above, my lab focuses on plant taxonomy, phylogeny, and biogeography (floristic biogeography and molecular phylogeography). I welcome applications from potential graduate students worldwide.
Conservation, Horticulture, Forestry, Ecology, Genetics, Plant, Tree, Field work, Labo work, (Sub) Boreal, (Sub) Tropical, (Sub) Alpine, Forest, Freshwater, Wetland, Botanical garden practice, Conservation genetics, Endangered plants, Flora, Islands, Northeast Asia, Phylogenetic systematics, Plant biogeography, Southeast Asia, Transnational conservation