Site Policy

This site is administered by Hokkaido University (hereinafter referred to as “this university”) for the purpose of extensive disclosure of information on educational and research activities, philanthropic activities and management of this university to society via Web sites. This university’s official Web sites consist of two types of sites: core sites intended for the posting of content covering the entire university (i.e. information composed of characters, images, sound and so forth) and organization-based sites designed for the posting of content concerning this university’s individual educational and research organizations. All sites other than the official sites established within this university’s domain ( are defined as relevant sites. Via these relevant sites, this university’s teaching staff and students may disseminate information regarding their own responsibilities by abiding various rules and guidelines of this university.
While every effort is made to ensure the responsible management and smooth operation, this university is not responsible for any errors in the material provided on this site and shall not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from the use of any material found on this site.


Unless otherwise stated on individual pages of this site, this university holds the copyright for the content of this university’s official site. Unauthorized copy, duplication, transfer, sales and other secondary uses for commercial purposes are prohibited. However, duplication or reproduction for fair usage for educational or non-commercial purposes is permissible.

Personal Information

When personal information is collected in the form of questionnaire surveys and opinion solicitation via this university’s official site, the objectives for use shall be clearly stated and the collected information shall not be used for unintended purposes as stipulated by law. This does not apply to cases in which prior consent or permission is obtained and such information is required by law or for public interest.

Link Acceptance

In principle, this university’s official sites are link-free and do not require prior permission from this university. As the case may be, the content and the URLs on this university’s official sites can be changed or invalidated without notice. However, this university shall not be responsible for any problems or compensation for damage such links may accrue. This university may refuse linking from the following sites:

  • Information that offends public order and morals or runs counter to social ethics
  • Sites defaming this university or this university’s teaching staff and students
  • Sites slandering the content of this university’s educational and research activities
  • Sites providing possibly false information
  • Sites disguised or masquerading as this university’s official sites
  • Other sites against the interests of this university

As for links to the outside that are noted on this university’s official sites, this university is not responsible for the content of those links.