Conservation biology


extinction, habitat loss, fragmentation, local population, genetic diversity, invasive species, urbanization, umbrella species, keystone species, charismatic species

Study species

(native species) Dolly Varden, white-spotted charr, Sakhalin taimen, sticklebacks, Ural owl, Blakiston’s fish owl, Red-crowned crane, Eurasian red squirrel, Japanese crayfish, (invasive species) rainbow trout, brook trout, raccoon, signal crayfish

Japan is designated as a biodiversity hotspot where various wildlife are living together with over 120,000,000 people (see also here: link to About our lab). Therefore, we need to continuously assess human impacts on wildlife and search for the best ways to preserve native ecosystems. We are studying various topics, such as extinction risk assessment, effects of urbanization and introduced species, genetic diversity and inbreeding, management units, and so on. Actually, most of our study projects are somehow related to conservation.

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