Past member

2015 graduated

  • Teru Yuta (pos doc) “Reproductive ecology of Japanese great tits focusing on extra-pair paternity.”

2014 graduated

  • Yukiyo Kanazawa (master course) “Flexible habitat use of invasive rainbow trout: partial seasonal migration between tributaries and mainstem.”
  • Kosuke Takaya (master course) “Genetic population structure of feral raccoons: consequences of abandoned pets.”

2013 graduated

  • Masahiro Toyama (pos doc) “Roles of cavity nesting birds on invertebrates communities in tree hollow.”
  • Kento Asahi (master course) “Why owl’s nests dirty? An adaptive hypothesis.”
  • Fumiya Kobayashi (master course) “Potential impact of an invasive mammal on native birds through resource competition: tree cavity preferences of feral raccoon and Ural owl.”
  • Yuuki Tanaka (master course) “Why salmonids become nocturnal in winter? Effects of food availability on time of activities.”

2010 graduated

  • Taira Usui (master course) “Migration pattern of only known anadromous cyprinids, Japanese dace.”

Short-term visits

  • Shannan May-McNally (August – November 2013) Introgressive hybridization between native white-spotted charr and introduced brook trout
  • Haley Ohms (August-September 2012) Maturation timing of stream salmonid