There are numerous species of creature living on the earth. They have been evolved individually in response to dramatic changes of environments for approximately 3.8 billion years. Environmental factors, such as light, temperature, atmospheric gases, and water conditions greatly affect on the activity and characteristics of living organisms. On the other hand, living organisms themselves function as important environmental stabilizers by driving elemental circulation through their various metabolic activities. Focusing on the natural and the model organisms, this course aims to understand the influence of environmental conditions on these living organisms and their mechanisms underlying environmental adaptations at the cellular level. Based on these studies’ outcome, we provide cutting-edge research and education to develop environmental biotechnology and to generate high-performance organisms.


This course is organized by the following researchers belonging to Faculty of Environmental Earth Science and Institute of Low Temperature Science in Hokkaido University.

 Group of Environmental Molecular Biology, Faculty of Env Earth Science
 Division of Biology, Department of Biological Science, School of Science
Masaaki Morikawa (Lab. HP) Kyoko Miwa     (Lab. HP)
Chiaki Hori     (Lab. HP) Kenji Washio    (Lab. HP)

 Microbial Ecology Group, Institute of Low Temperature Science
Manabu Fukui    (Lab. HP) Hisaya Kojima    (Lab. HP)
Tomohiro Watanabe (Lab. HP) Tomohiro Watanabe (Lab. HP)

 Hibernation M&P&D Group, Institute of Low Temperature Science
Yoshifumi Yamaguchi (Lab. HP) Masamitsu Sone    (Lab. HP)
Akari Yamauchi    (Lab. HP) Akari Yamauchi    (Lab. HP)

 Plant Adaptation Biology Group, Institute of Low Temperature Science
Ryouichi Tanaka   (Lab. HP) Hisashi Ito     (Lab. HP)
Atsushi Takabayashi (Lab. HP) Atsushi Takabayashi (Lab. HP)

 Biochemistry Group, Institute of Low Temperature Science
Masanori Ochiai    (Lab. HP) Yasuhiro Kasahara  (Lab. HP)
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  • Course in Molecular Biology, Division of Biosphere Science
  • Graduate School of Environmental Science, Hokkaido University
  • Kita-10, Nishi-5, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 060-0810, Japan
  • Office rooms: C-707 or 709, Tel & Fax: +81-11-706-2253

  • Please contact directly to each supervisor for more information, such as the entrance examination and the research activities.
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