Division of Biosphere Science

Base for Field Science

Second Half, Second Semester 2023

■生態学基礎論 Fundamental Course in Ecology
(担当教員:越川他)月・水 5講目 12/4(月)Mon 4th Dec.~
Mainly face-to-face (D102). For online classes, posted on ELMS.
問い合わせ:越川先生 koshi[at]ees.hokudai.ac.jp ※[at]→@

■海洋生物圏環境科学特論Ⅱ Advanced Course in Marine Biosphere Science II
(担当教員:浦)函館 火・木 2講目 12/5(火)Tue 5th Dec.~
Face-to-face class (Hakodate). Details will be posted on ELMS.
問い合わせ:浦先生 kazu[at]fish.hokudai.ac.jp ※[at]→@

■生態遺伝学特論Ⅱ Advanced Course in Ecological Genetics II
(担当教員:越川・吉田)火・木 5講目 12/5(火)Tue 5th Dec.~
Face-to-face class at C202.
問い合わせ:吉田先生 majin[at]ees.hokudai.ac.jp ※[at]→@

If you wish to take online courses at a laboratory outside Sapporo, please contact us.
(Advanced Course in Marine Biosphere Science II is only available face-to-face (Hakodate).)

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