Past studies


  • L-shaped size distribution in plant population
  • Population dynamics of plants
  • The relationship between projection matrix models and diffusion models
  • Invasibility in density-dependent projection matrix models
  • Stochastic forecasting of population dynamics in varying environment


  • Attainability of Nash equilibrium in coevolution game
  • Optimal strategy of leaf expansion and shedding in trees
  • Evolution in reproduction frequency in plants
  • Optimal allocation to seed or vegetative reproduction
  • Necessary condition for delayed reproduction
  • Dispersal strategy under disturbance

Present Research Interests

  • Forecasting of the dynamics of plant population (especially PVA: population viability analysis)
  • Sustainable mechanism of species diversity in forest community
  • Optimal leaf longevity of trees under seasonally varying environment
  • Meta-analysis of big data on population dynamics
  • Mathematical analysis of random matrix in populations