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Akihiro Sumida
Institute of Low Temperature Science
Plant Ecology
Associate Professor
Trees in a forest are subject to physical environmental stresses such as drought and low temperature as well as competitive pressures from other trees. To survive in such conditions, trees have cool and rational ways for maintaining and growing stems and crowns. I’m interested in the mechanisms of trees’ responses to their ambient conditions, and studying them using various methods and from various viewpoints. In addition to field work activities in the forest and data analyses, I have started a laboratory study using small artificial tree crown called “the diode tree”. Such studies would be important to predict the responses of trees and forests to changing environments. I welcome students who are interested in trees and forests.
Ecology, Ecosystem science, Forestry, Plant, Tree, Field work, Labo work, Data Science, (Sub) Boreal, Terrestrial, (Sub) Alpine, Forest, Soil, Statistical modeling, cool temperate forest, population dynamics, Forest dynamics

Graduate School of Environmental Sceince / Faculty of Env. Earth Science, Hokkaido University