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“Fundamental Lecture in Biodiversity of Northern Ecosystems” (in Inter Graduate School Classes)

Lecture announcement

“Fundamental Lecture in Biodiversity of Northern Ecosystems”

This course will start on October 7 (Wed. 14:45~16:15) at room D101, Faculty of Environmental Earth Science. Online classes are also available for this course. The classes of this course are conducted by 15 teachers under different topics in ecology.

  Please check ELMS (Group “Fundamental Course in Biodiversity of Northern Ecosystems”) before taking the course. The connection destinations for online classes will be posted in the notification section a few days before each class.

  Participants of this course are recommended to send an e-mail to Associate Prof. Gaku Kudo (gaku@ees.hokudai.ac.jp) in advance by October 5 in which let us know which do you want for attendance at the classes, at room D101 or online only.

Graduate School of Environmental Sceince / Faculty of Env. Earth Science, Hokkaido University